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Dedicated Transportation Solutions

Remember the days when drivers would sit at the dock, and wait upwards of six hours for their freight to be unloaded?  It was a continuous, inefficient cycle that left drivers sitting in their trucks at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. Outsource your trailer spotting to Lipsey, and your drivers will deliver more and wait less.

Sometimes it’s just easier to have complete ownership of your trucks and freight. However, that responsibility requires you to keep up with the logistics of countless trucks, drivers, and schedules. Lipsey can manage all of your trucks and freight coming out of your factory or location, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

With GPS tracking, KPI reporting, and EDI-capable software, Lipsey’s information services instill confidence in every trip. They enable you to monitor your fleet in real-time, improve fuel efficiency, and improve safety and security. From the time your freight leaves the dock to delivery sign off, you can track every movement with Lipsey.

You can’t afford to waste empty miles and burn extra fuel just to get your driver, truck, and trailer back to the home base. Let Lipsey coordinate the logistics of finding the resources to get everything back home. Together, we’ll ensure you don’t waste critical time and money.

The relationships between supply chain partners and service providers is crucial for successful deliveries. Lipsey’s Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM) eliminates inefficiencies in the transportation segment of the supply chain process. We strive to be the collaborative backbone between shippers, carriers, and receivers.

dedicated truckload transportation

Lipsey takes an innovative approach to meet the full truckload needs of our clients. From one street over to across the country, count on Lipsey’s extensive carrier relationships for consistent availability and capacity.

less than load

Whether you ship occasionally or regularly, Lipsey specialists will do the grunt work of finding other shippers who also need to send LTLs. This process is time sensitive and tedious, so leave it to Lipsey to get your LTL alongside other shippers who are in the same boat

Dedicated Regional / Short Haul

Purchasing your own fleet, making local or regional deliveries, and footing the bill starts to add up quickly. By outsourcing your hauls to a qualified trucking company like Lipsey, you can minimize the expense.


As if shipping with trailers wasn’t complicated enough, adding in multiple modes of transportation crossing wires even more. For your intermodal shipments, let Lipsey handle each hand off intersection from departure to arrival.


An open, flatbed trailer is the perfect transportation option for heavy machinery, building materials, lumber, or any other cargo that’s exponentially large or oddly shaped. Lipsey provides flatbed trailers for even your bulkiest moves.


Transporting sensitive items like gasoline, acids, or chemicals requires a very specific type of trailer. Lipsey offers liquid bulk trailers and ensures all freight is classified as HAZMAT by the Department of Transportation.

dry van

As the most common type of freight, dry van trucking gets your cargo to its destination safely and protecting from inclement weather. Take advantage of Lipsey’s dry van units for your next shipment.

temperature controlled

Transporting temperature-controlled cargo requires significant attention to technical details. Ship with Lipsey, and we promise to get your freight transported and delivered at the appropriate temperature.