Improved Communication and Tracking


No longer are the days of sending purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices via mail or fax. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) alleviates the high volume of communications between dispatchers and accounts receivables staff. Lipsey tractors are EDI capable and is utilized by 97% of our current customer base.



Tracking your drivers, monitoring your vehicles, and communicating with your workers are critical parts of having a well-oiled fleet. Onboard each Lipsey tractor is Qualcomm, a device that integrates GPS with the truck’s computer, letting you know exactly where your employees are at all times.



With the help of GPS and cellular technology, knowing the location and status of your freight is not only strategic, but necessary. Lipsey Trucking provides such crucial data by incorporating portable, temporary, or permanent GPS devices in every Lipsey vehicle.

Automate Administrative Work


SkyBitz, the leader in commercial telematics, makes it easy to understand vital data and analytics without the high cost of hardware. SkyBitz is installed in every Lipsey Trucking trailer and provides decision-making analytics to protect your bottom line.


Custom Reporting & Automated Email Alerts

To make better budgeting and employment decisions, you’ll need access and alerts to KPI reporting. With Lipsey, you can set up specific rules and requests to receive notifications on data that’s most important to you.

Confidence in Every Delivery

Online POD Retrieval

Shipment tracking is easier than ever with this digital approach to delivery confirmation. Sometimes referred to as ePODS, electronic proof of delivery is making tread way in the trucking industry. With a quick glimpse at images online, Lipsey lets you save, print, and send the proofing documents as needed.


Online Payment Status

Without a positive cash flow, you simply cannot meet your financial commitments. You’ll love Lipsey’s user-friendly platform to request payment from your customers, so you don’t have to chase down invoices.

Online Rate Request

Whether you have a truckload, less than truckload, or international shipment, we’ve got a competitive rate for you. Lipsey will help get your goods from A to B without breaking your budget.

“Lipsey Trucking has done an outstanding job on getting all of our product shipped. When you call them up you always talk to a “real person” and are provided with the immediate attention you need. We have strict tracking and communication requirements and Lipsey has done a great job with that. They are very professional and personable to work with.”

Senior Transportation Manager

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